Your opinion: Legalize it

Dale Reichel


Dear Editor:

Do you want to amend the Missouri Constitution to legalize marijuana (cannabis) or “pot”? Then you must sign the petition to put Legal Missouri 2022 on the ballot next November.

The deadline for signing this petition is, I believe, May 8 or so.

You can register at medical cannabis dispensaries, but also in other places, please look online: LegalMo22. You can also take signatures and get paid. There are rules. Like I said, look online.

This amendment seems logical to me.

Why should we put people in jail, and thousands are, for a little weed? It’s stupid.

In our country, 80% of arrests for drug-related offenses are for simple possession.

Why should a “pot” smoker be put in jail with hardened criminals?

“Pot” should be legalized, not decriminalized. Legal means legal.

People who have been imprisoned for pot cannot work, have difficulty seeing family members and, once released, find it difficult to find work or accommodation.

It’s absurd.

People who smoke cigarettes do so for a “buzz” or pick-me-up like caffeine.

People drink alcohol and hard liquor to relax.

Both of these substances cause health problems but are legal. Both can also cause death. From my research, “pot” doesn’t work.

Is it a sin to smoke weed? Is it a sin to take Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa or others? Everything is a sin if it invades your life, including hatred and resentment, etc.

I’m coming to my limit. So please look online and see what this amendment will do, LegalMo22, or google.

Oh yeah, we’re spending a lot of taxpayer money chasing pot and incarceration. Too much wasted taxpayers’ money, folks.

Sign the petition. It makes sense and pennies! Be responsible and let the people decide.

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