The 20 best Wokingham tracks in 2021 – is that your favorite here?

OK, Old Father Time is here, ready for us to say goodbye to 2020.

While many of us have had rough years thanks to covid, there have also been some good spots.

In the summer some festivals were able to return and we were delighted that Wokingham was among them, as was Marvelous.

Some gigs were also back as commercials saw restrictions ease.

But the bands haven’t stopped making music. If anything, the lockdown has helped these creative juices flow. We’ve seen some of the fruits of this work in our weekly reading list, and there will be more to come.

But as we raise our glasses to 2020 and prepare to ring the new bell, here’s a chance to look back on the 20 best songs of the year.

Like last year, the RaW Sounds Today playlist was chosen by a panel of the local music scene. Every track under review has been featured on RaWSounds.Today and its predecessor, Wokingham Loves Music playlists, throughout the year.

It’s good that the Top 7 are all emerging talents from the region.

Importantly, for a week, only the playlist can be found in a different Spotify location than usual – don’t worry, it’s still free to listen to.

You can connect to att

Happy New Year to you – here are another 12 months of brilliant music.

The Paradox Twin – Wake Vortex

This Reading group’s second album, “Silence from Signals,” received a big response around the world, so it’s no surprise it’s # 1. The album takes you through powerful and magnificent moments with the breathtaking vocals of Danny Sorrell and Nicole Johnson combining wonderfully with the musicianship of the band. They have performed live in UK and Europe but have never performed in their hometown until now! They have a special homecoming show at the Facebar on February 4th –

Third lung – IA Fire

Another local band that has done great things in 2021. They have released a series of great singles over the course of the year including this one and they have shown what a quality live band they are with great singles. excellent concerts. They also created their own sold-out festival, Loddfest, in collaboration with the Loddon Brewery. A group that works hard and clearly one to watch in 2022 –

Hoopy Frood – Round shaped hole

There was about 12 years of waiting for a new album from this Wokingham-based band, but this year it has arrived. It was certainly worth the wait, this track being a highlight of this album called “Affirmations”. They also posted a very cool video which is worth checking out if you haven’t already –

Aaron Cilia – Infinitum

Aaron is a talented young local musician, producer and sound engineer and this is an instrumental single he released earlier this year on which he himself played all instruments – https: // www / AaronCiliaArtist /

The wave machine – Ocean’s Brew

Here’s an artist who blew the crowds with his uplifting summer vibe at this year’s Wokingham Festival. He is a Brighton-based singer-songwriter from the region –

A Better Life (ft. Pete Rawcliffe) – Wicked Game

A beautiful new take on Chris Isaak’s classic from an electronic collective created by local musician Phil Daniels. This song was recorded with the help of singer Pete Rawcliffe –

Katie Ellwood – Self Love

Here is another talented young local songwriter who sings and plays every instrument on his releases. This one showcases Katie’s cool grooves and subtle melody and we love this closing string section –

Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance – The Poacher

The Wokingham Music Club continues to bring legendary artists to the city and one of them this year was Slim Chance, which includes members who performed with the late Ronnie Lane – https: //www.slim-chance /

Split the dealer – Chinchilla

This talented singer was at No.3 in our Top 20 of 2020 with his duo Deva St. John and here he is in the Top 20 this year with one of his excellent singles in 2021 – / divide the dealer

Marky Dawson – Radio Gaga

Marky is a charismatic pianist with a huge voice who showed his quality with a stunning set at the Wokingham Festival in August. Here is her unique take on a Queen classic –

Hank Wangford – Perfect Day

This is the opening song for British Country / Americana legend ‘Holey Holey’ latest album. He was supposed to play at the Wokingham Music Club but that was unfortunately canceled. Hope we will see him again soon –

Mike Wagner – Be Yours

Mike performed at live events in 2021 including the Wokingham Festival & Loddfest. This song from his album ‘Life… A Seven Day Journey’ showcases the talents of this local singer-songwriter –

Kyros – Cloudburst (Isolation Sessions)

It’s on the group’s “Celexa Streams” album which was recorded during their critically acclaimed Virtual Lockdown shows. They topped our charts last year with “Rumor” from their album “Celexa Dreams” –

Le 286 – One-sided love

The 286 are a rock ‘n’ roll orchestra that perform their unique interpretations of classic tracks and more as well as their own self-written songs. They performed at the Wokingham Festival in August –

Valeras – Let me go

Reading-based indie rock duo, Valeras, with a single from their EP ‘Tell Me Now’. They gave superb concerts throughout the year including at Sub 89 and an “in store” at Beyond the Download in Wokingham –

Mississippi Voss – Stranger in Heaven

They describe themselves as an indie-funk duo from Berkshire and they performed an excellent set on the Wokingham Music Club stage at the Wokingham Festival in August –

Resistance to red tape – Time is a killer

This single from the Bracknell-based band has a soft atmospheric opening gradually increasing in intensity to a strong and powerful closing section –

Moth Man – Fatal Blow

They have band members in Reading and Manchester and this is a track from their excellent debut album, ‘Where The Dead Birds Go’, released on Wokingham’s Billywitch Records –

In Albion – Terre

Here’s a band from Surrey who describe themselves as a ‘theatrical progressive rock band’ and have performed in the area including one of the Peach Place Wokingham events hosted by the Beyond the Download record store – https: //

Deva St. John – Reckless

This talented singer was at No.3 in our Top 20 of 2020 with her duet Split the Dealer. She makes our Top 20 herself this year with one of her quality singles –


Andrew Merritt (Andrew Merritt Photography)

Best Song of the Year’s Playlists – ‘Round Shaped Hole’ by Hoopy Frood

Best track without playlist – ‘Liquidator ‘by Harry J Allstars

Chris Hillman (White Star Records / Magick Eye Records)

Best Song of the Year’s Playlists – ‘IA Fire’ by Third Lung

Best track without playlist – ‘Parachutes’ by moron police

Dean Nelson (Generation Studio)

Best Song of the Year’s Playlists – ‘IA Fire’ by Third Lung

Best track without playlist – “The Ripple” by Grizfolk

John Blaney (Mega Dodo Records / Billywitch Records)

Best Song of the Year’s Playlists – “The poacher” by Ronnie Lane and Slim Chance

Best track without playlist – ‘Black Bear ‘by the Halluci Nation

Stan Hetherington (Wokingham Music Club and Wokingham Festival)

Best Song of the Year’s Playlists – ‘Ocean’s Brew’ by The Wave Machine

Best track without playlist – “More than a miracle” from the Blow Monkeys

The favorites of the “non Wokingham” panel were added as additional tracks to the Top 20 Playlist of the year. The link to the 20 best playlists is at –


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