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Former Denver Broncos running back Terrell Davis has had migraine attacks for most of his life, according to an interview he gave People magazine in 2019. In the interview, Davis recalled a migraine attack during the 1998 Super Bowl: just before running to the field, Davis realized he forgot to take his meds against migraine. He ran back into the locker room to grab the tablet, but it was too late. A migraine attack crept in and put Davis on the bench for the second quarter of the game. Nonetheless, he ended up playing during the second half of the game – so well, in fact, that he won the title of Most Valuable Player.

Having had this attack in such a public forum, Davis realized that he could use his own experience with migraine to help others with the condition. And indeed, most of the fan mail he received after the game came from people thanking him for openly talking about migraine.

Davis again mentioned his migraine during his Professional Football Hall of Fame induction speech in August 2017, telling the audience how he put up with nausea, headaches and temporary blindness at the age of 9 years in order to be able to continue playing football. .

According to People interview, it took Davis years to find a migraine treatment that worked for him. He now uses a combination of preventative medications, a healthy diet, and CBD to ward off migraine attacks. (Anecdotally, CBD may be helpful in treating nausea associated with migraine, but very little research supports this or other uses of CBD in treating migraine.)

Three times more women than men suffer from migraine, a fact that may cause some men to be reluctant to disclose that they also have it.

“It’s one of those things that men aren’t comfortable talking about,” Davis said on stage at the 2019 World Migraine Summit. “I see more guys talking about it now, but this is not much. It wasn’t until I retired that the guys said, ‘I’ve been there too. I was like, ‘Why didn’t you say anything back then?’ If you have migraines, you can talk about it.

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