Kyros unveils the video for his new single Two Frames Of Panic

British progressive rockers Kyros have released a video for a new single Two panic frames. Frontman Adam Warne’s highly personal track is out tomorrow and features on Kyros’ upcoming album Celexa Dreams which will be released by White Star Records on June 19th.

Two panic frames was the first piece written for Celexa Dreams, and this marks a real milestone for me; I wrote it as an outlet in the middle of a period when my mental health was not so good,” explains keyboardist and vocalist Adam Warne. in my outlook on life taking a real beating.

Warne was diagnosed with panic disorder and agoraphobia and was prescribed antidepressants and before long began experiencing adverse side effects – including intense drug-induced dreams and nightmares.

“I knew I had to write about it,” he continues. “Two panic frames, both musically and lyrically marks a true outpouring of what I felt at the time. My perception was marked by chaos, confusion, overstimulation – yet on the surface I was perceived as indifferent, neutral, gray and bewildered by the medication. I used the song to push those feelings out of my head in a way that made sense to me and maybe others.

Kyros has also confirmed Celexa Streams, a virtual “tour” that will take place over the next few months. With no opportunity to physically tour the country in support of their upcoming album, Warne and the band will be hosting a number of live performances featuring songs from Celexa Dreams merged with fan favorites from their previous releases. The group will also appear as part of the online festival Fusion 3.5, which will air on May 30.

Celexa Release Dates:
June 26 – Celexa Dreams, ‘The Short’
July 17 – Celexa Dreams, ‘The Longs’
August 14 – ‘Covers Night’
September 18 – ‘The Human Voice’ (Vox HumanaDisc 2)

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(Image credit: Kyros)

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