Although many people living in other parts of Croatia believe that life in Zagreb as the largest and capital city is unjustly much lighter than in the rest of Croatia and that the state is too centralized and focused on Zagreb and its surroundings, the fact is that Zagreb is due to its the size, the millions of inhabitants and the status of the capital city (and all the more recognized status of a tourist-recognized city), as well as the center of financial affairs. Since there are several times more inhabitants than Split, as the second-largest city in Croatia, the number of people with financial problems expected to be proportional to the number of residents is highest.

That is why it is logical that loans in Zagreb are the most sought-after loans in Croatia. Loans Zagreb has long become a highly sought after service for which we can find ads on the internet, in the city itself, but also in print media. Non-banking credit institutions recognized this need and allowed Zagrepčan loans to cover most of their needs, and many credit companies are constantly working to improve their services and business practices. Thus, according to the needs of the population, periodically new, better and more accessible lending models, such as City Loans, which, judging by demand, have obviously been recognized as high quality by citizens of Zagreb and the entire county; easily accessible and transparent service that can improve your financial situation in a short time.

What are the loans in Zagreb?


Loans to Zagreb relate to loans; loans and loans raised in Zagreb and the County of Zagreb, usually involving fast, online loans and credits that are approved and paid within 15 minutes of the borrower’s receipt of the client’s documentation. Loans in Zagreb refer to non-cash short-term cash loans, and money is immediately paid into the current account of a client. These are mostly small, quick loans with a return in a short period of time, usually about a few thousand kuna (mostly less than ten), which are mostly paid out for five months.

Short-term Loan Facility Zagreb may ask all adult residents of the city and the Zagreb County, and some credit companies do not even ask for a job certificate on indefinite terms, but they are sufficient for you to be a full-time resident who has a decent monthly income (whether you are part-time, contract or work contract, you are employed for a limited time or you are a retired person).

The advantage of the City Loan, which exists in other cities’ borrowings, is that the loan from the beginning to the end is handled online through the credit company’s website. Loans in Zagreb, therefore, proved to be an ideal option for all those in Zagreb who do not want or can not ask for a loan in the bank, either they do not meet any of the conditions or their credit history that Credit Score represents to the bank is not very neat.

Zagreb and conditions

Zagreb and conditions

For those who do not know, the conditions of most banks to raise such a loan do not meet those clients who found themselves on their blacklist, listed in the Credit Score as unreasonable planners (or as guarantors have taken over someone else’s loan that is not repaid on time) , those with less than one third of their salaries after paying other loans and liabilities, who are not employed on the contract indefinitely, or can not obtain an employer loan certificate. As can be seen from the aforementioned, the conditions are strictly numerous, so it is logical that after years of crisis that has exhausted the finances of citizens, in fact, there remains a small number of those who can fulfill all of them.

What’s Needed


For non-bank institutions in Zagreb, you will not need to enclose any of the above conditions for the bank; except (and only for some companies and for certain amounts) a certificate of permanent employment. What most credit companies are looking for, and why these loans are right and they call quick loans or loans, is a copy of the ID card, the unblocked current account in the name of the borrower, and the receipt of monthly income. By satisfying these conditions and sending documentation through a credit card company, the City Loans can be paid in a literally 15 minutes! So do not hesitate to contact the credit company you’ve checked out to do, preferably outside of our borders, and to do it neatly and transparently, with no hidden costs.